Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mary Poppins Magic

There are so many talented event stylists and designers out there but being a Brissie girl, I've always been a huge fan and follower of Sharnel from SDD.  So when I logged on tonight to her blog and saw her latest post on her daughter's birthday party, my jaw literally dropped in awe, envy and amazement!

Her latest styling of a Mary Poppins themed extravaganza (seriously some school fetes are smaller than this), is to die for and you'll certainly agree, AMAZING.

From the teacup ride to the glorious carousel dessert table, Sharnel has completely outdone herself with this event.  I'm utterly in love with the whole concept, thank you Sharnel for so much inspiration!

You can read all about the party, locate the products and view more photos from this gorgeous party here

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cute little Monkey

Ok this party is just adorable and I love the red and blue theme.  I especially love that the parents have been dedicated enough to take a picture of their son at each milestone with his sock monkey!  The invitations are also devine!  Just too cute for words.