Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Winters upon us

Isn't it funny how the first day of winter suddenly presents itself with such a cold snap!  Its days like these that I dream of sipping hot chocolate and reading a good book by a dimly lit fire.  Realty however finds me trudging through windy parks with 2 boys still insisting on playing with the freezing cold water bubbler at 5pm!  How will you spend your winter this year?  Skiing perhaps, jetsetting off to a warmer land or just rugging up and staying indoors as much as possible?

A friend and I visited a fabulous Antique store today and the inspiration was abundant as I searched through vintage treasures and art deco furniture.  My ideas are flowing and the purse is opening a little too much in places like these but its fun to collect little treasures for the future isn't it.

In the meantime, i would love to throw a Christmas in July event this year.....

                                                                           Source: Tracey Lau

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