Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Journey Begins.....

So here I am......a stay at home mummy in Brisbane who longs to live in the world of event styling and creation. I'm not sure if this blog will reach anyone out there in blogland but for now its a place to pour out all my ideas and loves of great events and parties.  I'm starting this blog to push myself really, i've been talking about doing something now for the last 10 years.......first it was wedding planning, then photography, childrens birthday planner, invitation stylist and finally event stylist.  Yes, i'm that much of a procrastinator, one of those students that always waited until the last night before completing assignments!

I hope to find myself during this blog.....maybe at the end I will be Senior Wedding planner on the next Royal's nice to have dreams isn't it!

For now, i'm content to plan events for my son's Kindy and for my upcoming sister's wedding.  Here's an inspiration board I created for her 'black and white' themed wedding:

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  1. So pretty and such lovely pieces Suz! You have done an amazing job - I wish I could be as creative as you!