Saturday, 16 April 2011

What a Star!

If you have a passion for photography, you would of certainly heard of Jasmine Star.  She is an amazing, talented American lady that has created a cult-like global following in the world of photography.  How has she managed to do this?  Through the likes of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.  Being a marketer in my past life, this really intrigues me as when the obsession with these online social outlets began, I was changing nappies and glued to Tizzy Hall's books (All new Mums can relate to this!).  I love the way that she is not just a photographer behind the lens but someone that has pushed the boundaries, really gets to know her clients and manages to capture both the romance of the wedding day and the natural beauty of each and every aspect in that photo plus she has managed to create such a strong brand image.  Good on you give me alot of inspiration when I read your blog and view your stunning work.

What an amazing bridal shower this was, I could only dream of planning something like this, can check out some more photos here

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