Friday, 27 April 2012

Liebster Blog Award

So my lovely friend Jo from Haus-stylish was recently awarded the Liebster Blog award for blogs with under 200 followers and has so kindly passed this award onto my little blog.  Thank you Jo!  I'm not sure if there may of been an underlying reason to get me inspired to post (as i've been rather slack so this worked!) or because we joined this blog world together (with another good friend Kel from Gone to Yoga) and value what each other does.

It's been an interesting start to 2012 for my little event business with a few smaller events and a larger one still to come in the very near future!  I'm feeling very excited about what my small event company could become by the end of next year (yes i have a 2yr plan to get this baby launched) and am so lucky to have some fabulous people around me to help me achieve this dream.

Now the conditions of this little award are that I must post my 5 favourite blogs with under 200 followers....

These 5 bloggers then must follow the below conditions:

* Copy and Paste the Award on your Blog

* Link back to the Blogger who gave you the Award

* Pick your 5 favourite Bloggers with under 200 followers who you think deserve to be recognised and leave a comment on their Blog letting them know they have won the Award

* And hope the 5 chosen Bloggers will continue to share the Blog Award love.

So here we go..................................

1. Joy and Me

I stumbled upon Lisa's blog a few weeks ago and am amazed at what she is achieving for not only herself but for charity.  She is an extremely passionate blogger with a big heart and has established a brilliant charity in Australia called 'Icing Smiles'.  Icing Smiles provides custom celebration cakes and other treats for critically ill children in the hope that they may provide something 'bright' in their lives.  Lisa - your doing such an amazing things for so many families!

2. In A Pickle

Esther and her team at In A Pickle provide an amazing array of lunch yummies each day.  As well as providing delicious sandwiches, salads and gorgeous cakes and slices, In A Pickle will also cater for any function from a picnic for 4 through to a wedding for 200.  Esther is a passionate soul with the ability to juggle just about anything.  Thanks for all your devine food over the last few years Esther!

3. Moonlight and Whimsy

Megz from Moonlight and Whimsy is the fun and creative owner of Moonlight and Whimsy.  Just recently taking over the reigns of this gorgeous business, Megz provides paper lanterns of all styles for parties and events.  Megz has recently helped provide loads of lanterns for a very special event I have coming up and I can't wait to show you the results once i've finished this event.  Head on over to Moonlight and Whimsy to create a very special ambience for your next event!

4.  Charcoal Interiors

Charcoal Interiors is a sexy little blog run by 3 Brisbane gals who operate a furniture and interior design studio in Fortitude Valley.  As well as providing us with gorgeous designs, they post about food and cocktail recipes, travel and style in the city.  A great read for those in the Brisbane circle!

5.  Little People's Linen

Little People's Linen is a boutique children's shop in Coorparoo, Brisbane.  The owner, Mel, has a well stocked store of gorgeous interior products for babies and kids.  Her blog is a refreshing mix of advice, fun and cute postings on different children's interior products.  Head on over to Little People's Linen for some very sweet designs!

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  1. Thank you so much for the great feedback!
    The girls at Charcoal Interiors - Style In The City Blogspot xx