Monday, 30 May 2011

Vintage Finds

So I've never been one to obsess over vintage household items like teacups, tableclothes and French Provincial chairs;

                                                                          (Source: Vintage Glamour)
I've always been the girl who goes straight for the modern pieces;

                                                               (Our last house we built and sadly sold)

However, in the last year my tastes seem to of spun a 360 and i now obsess over hamptons style furnishings, gorgeous chandeliers (preferably for my next bathroom or study) and Villa Maison styling products. 

                                                           (Source: Habitually Chic)

                                                       (Source: David Lawrence Studio)

                                                                      (Source: House of Turquoise)

So in planning for my next event, the Butterfly Tea Party, i find myself searching for vintage tea sets.  Hubby wonders what i'll do with all these mismatched sets once the event is over................

My an elegant glass cabinet to show them of in of course!

                                                                          (Source: Villa Maison)

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